SAPCS’s Quality Policy:

1. Provide non-discriminatory product certification services in accordance with
the requirements of the Accreditation Bodies and SAPCS’s company policies
nationally and internationally.
2. Provide product certification services to the business and which contribute to
the overall integrity to government, commerce and industry.
3. Continually maintain the highest standards of professionalism and business

Policy on Handling of Gifts:

SAPCS personnel are expressly prohibited from accepting or requesting
payments, gifts or any other incentives given for the purpose of influencing the
certification process. Small, appropriate gifts of nominal value may be

Statement of Impartiality:

At SAPCS, we understand the importance of individualism and impartiality in
our certification activities and take all necessary steps to manage and/or
eliminate potential or real conflicts of interest which may prejudice or
compromise our impartiality. An Accreditation body, such as SANAS will audit
SAPCS to verify compliance with national and international injunctions.

Legal Status:

South African Product Certification Services Pty Ltd (SAPCS) was registered as a company in July 2016, with the company registration no. 2016/318770/07, under the Companies Act 71 of 2008. SAPCS is an independently owned and managed certification body that intends operating in many parts of the world.