Complaints & Appeals

Any complaint/s levelled against the product/s certified by South African Product Certification Services Pty Ltd (SAPCS) either by Industry, customer or any other interested party will be logged and followed up with the relevant Permit Holder. The Permit Holder will be contacted and given an opportunity to investigate and report back to SAPCS on the alleged complaint. All correspondence will be documented in writing. The corrective action will be forwarded to SAPCS, who will then deliberate on the outcome and provide feedback to both the Permit Holder and the complainant.

The effectiveness of the corrective action will be followed up by SAPCS prior to the close out of any complaints.

All complaints must be done by completing the attached form or by emailing the Chief Executive Officer ( . A detailed description of the complaint and full details of the complainant must be provided to allow for an effective follow up and closing off, of such complaints. All information received will be treated with impartiality and confidentiality. The complainant has the right to request that SAPCS keeps his/her identity anonymous.

Complaint and Appeal Form


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