About Us

An Overview of South African Product Certification Services (SAPCS)

SAPCS was created out of a compelling necessity to provide a product mark certification company that will become locally and internationally recognised, offering an unbiased service to all stakeholders. A company that would be able to certify small to large organisations to both National and International standards.
SAPCS’s technical expertise, customer focus and innovative ideology, governed by the guidelines set out for Certification Bodies will create a new world of management programs. This will ensure that SAPCS continues to deliver a significant contribution to the world of Standards and Accreditation. Our business structure will allow for a more cost effective operation. We wish to assign professionals that will promote our vision and remunerate them accordingly with emphasis of sustaining the most important resource, which are the employees.

Delivering a World Class Service in Certification In strengthening SAPCS’s position in the South African Quality Sector, Plumbing, FireTechnology and Electro-technical sectors, SAPCS intends to partner with global entities.
On joining forces, this partnership will deliver unique market competencies, senior industry staff and local knowledge. Thus providing all clients with access to the latest worldwide strategies. This reinforces our ability to help you build sustainable business performance and stakeholder trust enabling the best of both worlds.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

SAPCS’s Vision:
To be the certification/registration body of choice, through acceptable service, business performance, customer focussed and value adding auditing.

SAPCS’s Mission:
To promote and maintain professional, ethical and sustainable certification practices, committed to the continual improvement of our performance. To deliver value added services to support the customer and their ever changing needs, in an ever changing environment.

SAPCS’s Values:

SAPCS operates in a fair, honest and transparent manner taking responsibility and accountability for our commitments. As a harmonised team we pride ourselves on building long lasting partnerships with our clients with a focus on:
1. Customer Satisfaction
2. Integrity and Highest Ethical Standards
3. Continual Improvement
4. Performance through Recognition
5. Commitment
6. Empathy
7. Reliability

SAPCS’s Guidelines

SAPCS’s Quality Policy:
1. Provide non-discriminatory product certification services in accordance with the requirements of the Accreditation Bodies and SAPCS’s company policies nationally and internationally.
2. Provide product certification services to the business and which contribute to the overall integrity to government, commerce and industry.
3. Continually maintain the highest standards of professionalism and business integrity.

Policy on Handling of Gifts:

SAPCS personnel are expressly prohibited from accepting or requesting payments, gifts or any other incentives given for the purpose of influencing the certification process. Small, appropriate gifts of nominal value may be accepted.

Statement of Impartiality:

At SAPCS, we understand the importance of individualism and impartiality in our certification activities and take all necessary steps to manage and/or eliminate potential or real conflicts of interest which may prejudice or compromise our impartiality. An Accreditation body, such as SANAS will audit SAPCS to verify compliance with national and international injunctions.

Legal Status:

South African Product Certification Services Pty Ltd (SAPCS) was registered as a company in July 2016, with the company registration no. 2016/318770/07, under the Companies Act 71 of 2008. SAPCS is an independently owned and managed certification body that intends operating in many parts of the world.

South African Product Certification Services (SAPCS)
Unit 10, N12 Airport Industrial Park, Bartlett, Boksburg
South Africa
Phone: +27 83 632 3383
+27 82 949 5772
Fax: +27 86 558 5617
Email: nizam.samsoodeen@sapcs.co.za

The Mark of Distinction


Fire Technology
SANS 1739- Low pressure welded steel cylinders for fire extinguishers
SANS 1910-Portable refillable fire extinguishers
SANS 1475-Part 1-Portable and wheeled (mobile) rechargeable fire extinguishers-(Servicing)
SANS 1522-Fire extinguishing powders
SANS 1567-Portable rechargeable fire extinguishers- CO² type extinguishers
SANS 10105-Part 1-Portable and wheeled (mobile) fire extinguishers
SANS 10105-Part 2-Fire hose reels and above-ground hydrants
SANS 10287-Code of Practice-Automatic sprinkler installations for fire-fighting purposes
SANS 116011-Wheeled fire extinguishers-Performance and construction
SANS 1322-Portable non-refillable fire extinguishers (general purpose type)
SANS 543-Fire hose reels (with semi-rigid hose)

Plumbing components
SANS 226-Metallic taps
SANS 1480-Single control mixer taps
SANS 198- Functional-control valves and safety valves for domestic hot and cold water supply systems
SANS 1808-Part 5-Flexible connectors
SANS 1808-Part 53- Drain cocks for hot-water storage containers
SANS 1808-Part
SANS 1299- Tempering valves for storage hot water systems
SANS 1848- Geyser drip trays
SANS 14236- Plastics pipes and fittings-Mechanical- joint compression fittings for use with polyethylene pressure pipes in water supply systems

Electro Technology
SANS 60968-Self- ballasted lamps for general lighting services-Safety requirements
SANS 60969- Self-ballasted lamps for general lighting services-Performance requirements